Sep 6, 2009

Seven Day Countdown to My First Official Reading

Today is the first day of my celebratory countdown to next Sunday, Sept. 13th at 4:30pm, when I'll be sharing an afternoon of literary debauchery with J. Adams Oaks, author of the adrenaline-packed novel Why I Fight. You'll find us at Women and Children First.

Each day I'll be posting a question about Cast the First Stone. The answer can we found either on my website or my blog if you haven't read the book yet. The person who answers the most questions correctly will win a copy of CTFS. You get extra points if you answer the question correctly and then post about it on twitter, facebook, myspace, or your blog. Just leave a comment telling me where you've posted.

Day One: What is Denny's last name? ( Yes, I know. It's too easy, but I thought I'd start you out with an easy one.)

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Kelli said...

Stone! What what!