Sep 10, 2009

Day Five of the Seven Day Countdown!

I was straight edge in high school so I didn't drink. I had this fear that if I had even a sip of alcohol, I would do crazy things that I wouldn't remember later. I would be...wait for it...out of control. There was no way that 17 year old Gwen wanted to be out of control. Like Haley, I didn't have much control over my life so I desperately wanted to hold onto as much control as I could. (But, of course, control is an illusion.) I waited until after midnight on my twenty-first birthday to have my first hard beverage. I chose a wine cooler. Oh, yeah. I was so cool!

Denny, on the other hand, gains quite a taste for alcholol. Question number four is: What's Denny's drink of choice?

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