Sep 7, 2009

Day Two of the Seven Day Countdown

When the story of Denny and Haley began forming in the dark recesses of my mind, it was Haley's story. I tried writing it from her point of view, but I had a big problem. Haley wasn't self aware enough to tell her story. She always wanted to tell other people's stories. So I decided that her best friend would tell her story.

Okay, are you ready for question number two? Here it is:

How would you describe Haley?

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Kelli said...

Haley is the mother figure, the constant in Denny's spinning-life. I picture her with homely, ordinary-front with her braid and hand-me-down clothing. A little immature socially, but mature beyond her years due to her family. There's a yearning to belong, which comes with her infatuation with the Church and another yearning just below the surface that starts to come alive with Jake. I would love to see Hayley continue to come alive and find her true passion, one that she can give all her dedication too as she is such a loyal person, to Denny and her family.