Sep 8, 2009

Day Three of the Seven Day Countdown!

Denny was based off my best friend in high school. She was a really tough girl. The first feminist I knew. We were like yin and yang. She was the dark, angry one and I was the sweet, happy one. On the outside. We listened to No Doubt and Metallica, created our own sci fi comic book world, stayed up until 1am watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, and could eat a half gallon of strawberry ice cream between us. We didn’t fit into any kind of group at high school. She was a little goth while I was nerdy and shy. We spent every day together until I went off to college.

Once I got deep into writing the book, the characters became their own. Denny and Haley no longer looked like me and my best friend. (My best friend never had a drinking problem.) But their friendship dynamic is based on us.

Okay, question number three: How would you describe Denny?

*image of Emily the Strange

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Kelli said...

Denny is dynamic, the mess of hormones that we all were until we were able to find ourselves. She is self-assured, a little cocky and adventurous, but it seems to stem from fear, abandonment, and loneliness. She seems to be a combination of everyone before they "come of age." I don't think she's as dark as she seems to be sometimes. She's experimental . . . especially with extremism, it seems. I project she will settle down in a slightly-askew adulthood that's exciting and urban and eclectic.