Jun 16, 2009

Meet Leslie Goshko, Comedian & Performer Extraordinaire

I met Leslie Goshko on my very, first day at Oral Roberts University and she was wearing these amazing, rainbow socks. I’ll never forget those socks. Leslie is the kind of person that really sticks in your memory, which is great for me because I have a sucky memory.

Leslie is a New York performer who loves all things comedy: stand-up, improv, sketch, writing and producing. She is a 2008 Manhattan Monologue Slam Champion, member of the amazing New York improv troupes, Start Trekkin’ and the Headshop Guerillas, and hosts a monthly show at Comix Comedy Club entitled Sideshow Goshko, where comedians share bizarre tales about themselves. In February of 2007, she won the national Big Bopper Dance Topper dance contest for the Broadway musical Hairspray, which allowed her to perform onstage with the Broadway cast. In May of 2007, she wrote, directed, and produced the original full-length musical comedy, 16 Bars. Leslie also contributes her comedy writings to the NY Metro Funny Page and FunnyNotSlutty.com.

G: There’s an evil rumor floating around that you’re Canadian. What's that all about?

L: Well, I’m actually not Canadian, but I’ve been to Canada enough that I could probably pass for a Canuck. My family has been taking me fishing up there ever since before I could hold a pole. Hmm…that sounds dirty. I’m actually a Chicago native. Hollah!

G: I’ve heard rumors of alien landings and kidnappings in Tulsa, especially on the campus of Oral Roberts University. Were you ever kidnapped or brain-washed?

L: What?!? How dare you! That’s absurd! I am merely a faithful servant and my people shall complete our mission and carry out the directive of the grand supreme…oh dammit, it’s happening again. Um…so, I guess…yes. *harrumph*

G: What’s the thing you like most about living in New York City?

L: Gosh, there’s a laundry list of things. But I guess the thing I love most about it is the energy. There’s always something going on and people are always going somewhere. I love that I can leave the house at any moment and catch a $5 show at UCB or grab a slice of pizza and people watch in Central Park. But don’t get me wrong, I could also give a list of things I hate, which at the top of the list would be when a roach fell out of my cabinet the other day and landed in my hair. That’s right…a ROACH in MY HAIR!!! Wanna come visit?

G: The list of shows that you’re doing is imposing. When do you sleep?

L: Haha…thanks. It’s funny ‘cause I don’t think that way. I always feel like I could be doing more. In one of my favorite films, “Comedian,” (I highly recommend it) there’s a scene between Jerry Seinfeld and Colin Quinn where Quinn just goes, “Work work work work work.” That’s how I feel. Work harder. Work more. I’m never satisfied.

G: Who are your heroes/heroines?

L: Gilda Radner! Hands down. If I ever got a tattoo it would be of her. Let’s see, after her it would be Steve Martin, Johnny Carson, and Amy Sedaris. Those are at the top. Although for a while there I struggled with forgiving Steve Martin for making “Bringing Down the House.” Why, Steve?!? Why?!?!?!”

G: What song best describes you?

L: God, this is hard. I guess it depends on what I’m going through at the time. But I do have my staple bands that I always come back to: Pink Floyd, Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, Ben Folds. Lately I’ve been obsessed with “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.” Kind of a nice thought in and of itself.

G: If you were an infectious disease, what would you be and why?

L: Oh my God! You have no idea how much this question freaks me out. I’m a complete germaphobe/hypochondriac. I sani-wipe my hands about a million times a day. Kind of a bad condition to have when you live in a city of 8 million people, but there it is. Let’s see, I guess I would have to be ricketts. There’s just something about that word that makes me laugh. Ricketts…it’s HI-LAR-IOUS!

G: What was your most embarrassing moment on stage?

L: Hmm…let’s see. Embarassing?...I’ve definitely had my share of bombing and feeling like I f*cked up, but I don’t know if I would classify it as embarrassing. Oh, here’s one. This goes back to my days of musical theatre (shout out to all my geektastic MT peeps out there who used to listen to Hair and Company in their rooms as they lip synched in the mirror!)…I was playing Adelaide in Guys and Dolls and there was always this super fast costume change I’d have to do and the costume didn’t allow for me to wear a bra. So every night, as I’m standing there in the wings in a thong and no bra, every male stagehand with a half boner would watch me change my clothes, half naked for about 30 seconds. It was very hot.

Leslie can be seen performing hilarity at Comix, Gotham, Broadway Comedy Club,
UCB, The PIT, Sage Theatre, and many, many more. She performed a one-woman show at UCB this year and she’s going to be in the NY Fringe Festival acting in a comedic play.

Please check her out at http://www.ohmygoshko.com/ !


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