Jun 24, 2009

Gay Pride Open Mic Night

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending Women & Children First’s annual Gay Pride open mic night. Hosted by Chicago poet Gregg Shapiro, it was an evening of merriment, contemplation, and a bit of naughtiness.

Jenn P. began the evening with her rockin’, slam style, lesbian poetry. As a performer, Jenn P. was engaging, intimate, and energetic. I thought it would be difficult for the others to follow her brilliant performance.

Craig Seymour thrilled the audience with a section of his story about his life as a gay stripper in DC. Very risqué. Richard Fox read from his book of poetry, Swagger and Remorse. Robert Rodi had a quiet, confident way about him. Although he read from his newest book, a work of non-fiction about dog showing, I'm now interested in looking up his fiction because of his crisp, clean style of writing.

I was intrigued by Anne Laughlin’s from her mystery book about a lesbian sheriff. Jennifer Harris read a section from her farcical novel, Pink, which is about a girl imagining her book being published and made into a movie.

W&CF owner, Linda Bubon, read a humorous story about her recent 40 year reunion and events coordinator, Kathie Bergquist, read a comical excerpt of her novel, which was a special treat.

There were several non-featured writers/poets and I'm afraid I didn't get their names. (Next time I will!) But I was impressed that the majority of the unknown poets were quite decent. I’ve gone to so many open mics where most of the poetry is just plain awful. W&CF does seem to attract talent.

Please check out http://www.womenandchildrenfirst.com/ for upcoming literary events.


Sean said...

Dear Ms Gnomide-
I am a comedy writer, and a transguy. Being new to the NW burbs of Chicago, I have been fervently looking for where the queer open mic nights are held, so that I may cast my comedy upon open ears. Do you have any suggestions? Are their any in the Chicagoland area?


little miss gnomide said...

Sean, have you checked out Boystown around the Belmont stop, around Belmont, Clark, and Halstead. Comedy is big here in Chicago, but I don't know much about the scene. I'm learning about the literary scene. Definitely stop by Women and Children First. They have a community board and may know exactly where to send you. Good luck!