Jun 23, 2008

just a quickie

I went on a Borders spree cause my brother Jason gave me some moolah for my birthday. I bought "No one belongs here more than you." I'd wanted to buy the book for awhile, but I can't remember why. I liked the orange cover and the author's name: Miranda July. Also, her pic on the back is super cute.

I've read the first two stories and they are exquisitely and simple beautiful. You need to read these stories. Seriously. If your library doesn't have a copy, buy one. You won't be disappointed.

P.S. I've started sending out query letters!


Sideshow said...

I read an article about Miranda July a couple months ago. She's quite the individual. I'm sure her stories are just as good as you say they are. She also wrote the screenplay for "Me and You and Everyone We Know." I've only watched part of it, but just FYI:)

Okie said...

Oh dear! You bought a book because of a color, the author's name, and her pic..... I'm doomed.


I've read good things about her.

Lizzie said...

i also have heard amazing things about her. i think she does performance art, too?

and if you pick books based on color and artist photo, i am SO MONEY!

j/k. unless i use that weird mermaid parade pic i just put in my blog. how could you not read a book by a green person?