Jun 11, 2008

Awe...wait for it...some!

It is finished! (Well, mostly.)

I am in equal parts ridiculously giddy and marvelously terrified. Saturday, June 7th, at approximately 2pm, I typed the LAST sentence of CTFS. (That stands for Cast the First Stone, I’ve decided.)

Yes, you read that correctly.

I spent the rest of the day jumping up and down with my husband, huge grins plastered to our faces.

Then I realized that it was now time to dig in deep and get my hands really dirty. It’s time to get focused. It’s time to be professional.

So we went to a lit festival in downtown Chicago. The Printer’s Row festival was totally cool despite (and partially because of) the hour-long burst of torrential downpour. We got drenched, walked around in soggy shoes, and got the name of an agent. Not bad for one afternoon.

Phase two begins. Research publishers. Research self-publishing. Make contacts. Write that query letter. Reread CTFS and polish it up even more. Then, let it go.


Next time: I will talk more about the festivals that we visited and the one we’re participating in this August.


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David said...

Oh yeah. Gwen rocks. The story is magnificent. I'm doing loads of research on e-publishing and self publishing as well as using whatever I know from my print production days to be a better cheerleader and more effective manager for our little miss... Look for her at borders soon... :)