Dec 29, 2010

The Night Sea Journey

The past twelve months have been full of mystery, adventure, magic, and sorrow. After spending five months wandering through Europe (we chronicled our adventures here), David and I moved to the small town of Ohio where I grew up. We needed a safe place to recoup and recover from our travels. Time and Space Travel disorients the body and the soul in numerous, mostly unsayable ways. I am still discovering how I have changed because of our journey across the pond. We returned with empty pockets and full hearts. Thanks to our family and friends, we’ve been slowly getting back on our feet.

We arrived home just in time. My grandmother passed away less than two months later. (Read my response here.) I thank God for the timing of her passing and that she was surrounded by family and loved ones.

After her death, I began meditating on Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore (suggested by my good friend, Kyle) and I have found myself connecting with its imagery. The last three months or so have been a Night Sea Journey. I had been fighting unsuccessfully to stay above water. I was drowning. Then I accepted the advice of Thomas Moore and let myself sink into the dark waters. I imagine myself as a mermaid, intrinsically comfortable with the darkness and the water. I’ve spent the last few weeks writing about mermaids and the strength of fluidity they symbolize to me. This has given me peace about being in the dark.

As we look forward to the New Year, let us be at peace with the darkness. We are safe in the knowledge that this is the season of darkness. The season of light and joy lies just ahead.

Seasons Greetings to you and yours! May the magic of the holidays fill your hearts and homes.

With love,

“She loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” ~song lyric of The Slow Poisoner

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