May 22, 2009

Wandering and Writing

Once upon a time, there was a little, pale girl with Shirley Temple curls, who spent her days, wandering from one room to another in the tiny, five-room apartment. Everywhere she walked, there was not enough room for her. She wanted room for all her imaginary characters, adventures, and faraway lands. She hid her nose in books, finding the room she desired between the pages. But it still wasn't enough to read and dream, this little girl wanted to create her own worlds, with her own creatures. She wrote and wrote and wrote, filling countless pages with words and drawings. She fantasized of one day walking into a bookstore and finding the object of her dreams: a beautiful, shiny book with her name on it.

This fantasy has come true.

I’m thrilled to announce that Cast the First Stone will be available to purchase at an amazing, local bookstore. The Book Cellar, which is the official bookseller of the Pilcrow Lit Fest, will be selling the novel in the Young Adult section. The Book Cellar is located in at 4736-38 N. Lincoln Ave. With a lovely wine and beer bar, they host wonderful readings and events. If you’ve been thinking of purchasing CTFS and live in the Chicago area, please stop by The Book Cellar and pick up a copy.

The journey continues...As always, please continue to check my blog and website often for musings, news and current events. Thanks again for your support.

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Congrats! Let the mass consumption begin! :)