Mar 6, 2009

Can I Minimize That Order?

If you're like me, you're looking for entertainment that doesn't empty your pockets. Well, lucky for you I've got a handfull of suggestions.

Rent Mambo Italiano from your local library or Netflix. It's a Canadian film about the son of an immigrant Italian family who realizes that he's gay. It is absolutely hilarious.

Read Georgia Under Water by Heather Sellers. It's a collection of short stories that portray the growing up experience of a girl in Florida. The writing is absolutely brilliant. I aspire to write as well as she does.

Look up Emmy the Great on You tube or Myspace. She is my favorite Chinese-British singer/songwriter ever and her first full-length album has finally been released. I have yet to buy it because I'm broke, but it's at the top on my list as soon as I have some extra cash.

If you've got any recommendations, please comment. I'm trying to fill my minutes with so much joy that the stress has no room left to breathe.


Okie said...




Okie said...

Rockin' Grandma

Sorry I should have made the others into links also. But this one's the best.

Ann said...

Just did a comprehensive (as far as I know) Gwen blog catch-up. Those are quite some pieces on salon, and I always enjoy your writings here too. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!