Nov 24, 2008

Dearest Avid Reader,

"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act." -- Anatole France

After many years of dreaming, the time has finally come to act. After many sleepless nights and a great deal of revision, my production and publication crew and I are thrilled to announce the completion of my first novel: "Cast the First Stone."

Letters of inquiry have been written, agents called and publishers sought. Realizing that the road to publication is a slow, emotionally scarring process, my staff and I have decided to create a grass-roots, pre-publication edition especially for the community which has supported me through these crucial first steps. Thank you for enrichening my passion for the magic of story and for being part of this exciting endeavor!

-Gwendolyn Glover


You can now purchase your very own copy of Ms. Glover's debut novel, "Cast the First Stone" online at: Gwendolyn's Storefront. For information regarding the author and to join her on this exciting journey towards publication, please visit:

If you would like your copy signed by the author, please send it with a SASE to:

D&G Productions
PO Box 59408
Chicago, IL 60659-0408
*Please allow for up to two weeks for redelivery.

About the book:
Cast the First Stone is a first novel that is as humorous as it is bittersweet. This unique "coming-of-age" tale set in dreary, small-town Oklahoma, stars Denny Stone, a feisty girl with a sharp tongue and a taste for rum & Coke. Fiercely independent, she typifies the rebel in all of us – constantly redefining herself within the confines of her Podunk existence. By contrast, her best friend Haley is soft-spoken and timid – inexplicably trapped in the role of matriarch with her ever-growing, poverty-stricken family. They struggle with their emerging sexuality, social status, spirituality and family. As Denny plans her escape to California, Haley draws further inward, seeking out God and testing the limits of friendship and loyalty, leaving one burning question: who will cast the first stone?

Don't forget to check back here often for updates about her publication process, upcoming readings and events, news, and new writings.


Okie said...

Ordered my copy!

Kimberly said...

Congrats, Gwen! That is so exciting, I can't even believe it. I cannot wait to order a copy. :)

Lizzie said...

I can't wait to get mine in the mail! I'm so excited!