Aug 20, 2008

The Glenwood Ave Arts Fest

David and I will be sharing a booth (for the first time!) this weekend. This is a "popping the cherry" event for me. I'm a big knot of nerves. We're working on having a tangible, pre-publication copy of CTFS on-hand. We'll have info on how to order a pre-publication copy of your very own. (To snuggle up with in your favorite chair.) Also, David will be unveiling some of his just-finished paintings. His bright, eye-catching work is ever-evolving and I think his newest incarnation is really striking. Of course, there will be lots of other good people there with art and food and music. Check out the details at

We hope to see you there!

P.S. A shout out to Sarah, who will be assisting us at the fest.


Sideshow said...

This is so exciting!!! Congrats to both of you. I hope it turns out GREAT! :)

Okie said...

Nice!! Go for it!

Natalia said...

Good post.