Apr 12, 2008

Eek! Cont.

Spring is here! Warm breathe gloriously unseen and budding trees and new life! I’m scrubbing off the remnants of a nervous half-sleep clinging to my skin. (This mid-westerner turned San Franciscan has not quite recovered from the Chicago winter.) The new year started with the blooming of little miss gnomide: this sporadic blog of one bespectacled girl’s journey to find her voice.

And now, the finishing touches of Cast the First Stone are being made. Wiley adjectives and adverbs are being tossed, replaced, and then rethought again and again. Scores of pages are marked up with ink; some entirely torn up. Meanwhile, David has been feverishly designing a professional website for me. (Sometimes, appearing like a mad scientist in the throes of the night.) Finally, after throwing a terrified tantrum or two (shadows of the monster momentarily disrupted the creative process), I am anxiously delighted to present the beautiful handiwork of my terrifically talented husband: www.gwendolynglover.com

The complete text is not available yet, but there is a lengthy, downloadable sample. Check back to the site often: for this brave, little story will be boarding the digital train, puffing toward the elusive dream of publication.

I want to especially thank all of the fire-starters: Sarah (who giddily read the first rough draft), David (who wouldn’t let me quit), my writing comrades, and everyone who has commented on my blog. I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for your support.

Thank you.

“remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted.”

--Sylvia Plath

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Shari said...

Congrats! Can't wait to check it out. I'm so proud of you!