Mar 17, 2008


My artist husband, David, has been encouraging (read here: badgering) me to be a more professional writer. He created business cards for me. I still don't like passing them out, even though they are adorable. This blog is alive mostly because he won't let me quit. Now, he's creating a website for me. I am very scared of the website. There's a large photo of me right when you enter it. And, it exists just to promote my writing. I wonder: am I ready for this? Is my writing ready for the world wide web? I don't know. But my husband (read here: fire-lighter-under-my-lazy-butt) insists that modern writers must have a web presence. So, coming soon: or .org or something. I think we'll have it figured out in another month.


David said...

(insert crash of lightning here)

Sideshow said...

This is very exciting! Don't get too freaked out, go with the flow:)

Okie said...

Sounds great. Your husband is a good instigator and rabble rouser.

Shari said...

Sounds pretty cool to me. I'm still expecting an autograph copy of your NYTimes best selling and prize winning first novel. (When it's published, of course!)

Lindsey said...

Awwwww...such a sweet and supportive hubby. I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see it :)

Ann said...

I once heard something on a hip-hop radio show about going toward your fears, because there's where you'll find your greatest reward. So go there! And it's good that David is ready to push you...we shy people don't always go for what we most want, perhaps thinking we don't deserve it yet. So go for it, with your bald-headed cheering section (and all the rest of us) right behind you!
love, ann

Rona said...

That's so wonderful!! What a great husband/great idea/great flame of inspiration!!