Feb 7, 2008

this is

this is the way i dance:
with flirting eyes
and swimming arms,
with eyes that taunt
and smiles that warm-

i'm sorry.

this is the path i walk:
in the dew grass
and around the ant hill;
see how they scurry around!
i like the sweet smell of dirt-

i know.

this is how i worship:
with closed lips
and open eyes,
with tears burning,
i sing like that-

i hear.

this is how i love:
with one thigh over
and the intoxication
shattering reality-

i see.

this is how i write my poem:
with silver drops
sliding down the banister,
singing songs of heroes
in the puddles of tales
and my toes get muddy,
wet hair hanging in my eyes-

may i...

here is how i sleep:
when and if i do,
between the sheets
of yesterday and tomorrow,
i lie-

...touch you?

1 comment:

Lizzie said...

this is beautiful--touching and vulnerable.

i love the image of the silver sliding down the bannister.